Photography Classes

With my degree in photography and over two decades of experience, I'm an experienced professional with a passion for inspiring others.



I have been fortunate to have awesome interns over the years. This is an unpaid internship. Contact me for more details.

Mentoring, Professional Coaching or Consulting

Remote or in person Individual Instruction

 $125 for 1 hour

 $450 for 4 hours ($112.50 per hour)

 $800 for 8 hours ($100 per hour)

Ride Along Mentoring Sessions


This includes a "ride along" and mentoring after the session. No photos of the client are allowed. For this I ask that you observe. You can choose the type of session you want to follow. After the session we will walk through editing and go over questions you may have.


This is a full day of mentoring for a wedding. You can come along with me to the wedding, take photos, and use your images in your portfolio. For this session I do not collect the images at the end of the day as I would a second shooter. This is specifically built so you can show up, watch, learn, and take your own photos at a real wedding with no pressure. Q/A will be done the following day.

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