Viral Wedding Proposal

When Jason approached me to document his wedding proposal during the solar eclipse, I knew this was going to be a unique challenge. Photographing an eclipse alone requires proper gear, setup, planning, and practice. I went into the proposal recognizing that I had to choose documenting their proposal as more important then documenting the eclipse. Yet, I was hoping I could achieve both. After documenting the proposal, I set up on the beach with my tripod to attempt a photograph of the eclipse with the Jason and Jenna. There are several lens filters needed to photograph an eclipse. One of the key filters is a Mylar white-light solar filter was sold out everywhere! I had to improvise. I achieved this photograph using a Welder's Mask held in front of my camera. Success! Not everyone can say they've proposed under a total solar eclipse but Jason and his Jenna will have that story to tell for the rest of their lives. Added bonus, news vans showed up at their doorstep later that night sharing their story worldwide. Their photos and story went viral. Amazing. News Coverage