Antelope Canyon

Upper Antelope Canyon in Paige, Arizona is one of my favorite places that I have photographed. This spiritual Navajo canyon is approximately 60 million years old. Special permission and permit is needed to photograph professionally and use a tripod in the canyon. The colors, design, textures and light beams are extraordinary. The light beam in this photograph lasted for only one minute. In order to capture this beam, I sat on the floor of the canyon under a crevasse in the wall. I used my tripod for the long exposure and set my focal point on what looks like a face in the canyon. Sand was continually raining on me. I felt connected and present in this sacred place. After photographing, I met with the Navajo Nations Tribal Council for official permission to sell these images, pay requested fee, and sign the documents.

All of my prints are made with the finest materials available in the world today and are of the highest archival quality. Production is done right here in the USA by a family owned business.

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